Relapse Prevention Program

AIRR of Minnesota (Addiction Intervention Recovery Resources of Minnesota, formerly Lifestyle Counseling of Mound) offers a 36 hour abstinence based outpatient relapse prevention program. This program is geared to clients that have completed primary treatment and established some period of recovery and then returned to using.

Clients explore factors that helped them maintain sobriety as well as those factors leading to relapse. Clients review first step issues and spend the majority of their time in the program working on cognitive skills development and relapse prevention skills.

Family members of clients in the relapse prevention program will be invited to participate in family counseling.

This program is influenced by Terry Gorski and helps clients identify and deal with triggers to relapse. Once these triggers are identified a relapse prevention plan is the focus of treatment.

This program meets from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM Monday and Wednesday for a total of 12 sessions.

Program costs include 12 weeks of aftercare.