Project Learn

AIRR of Minnesota (Addiction Intervention Recovery Resources of Minnesota, formerly Lifestyle Counseling of Mound) also offers DWI clinics geared to people in need of education regarding the effects of chemical use. These clinics are called Project Learn and are offered in 3 levels. The Project Learn programs start on an individual basis. Project Learn is offered on Tuesday evenings and class participants mix with outpatient treatment participants. Project Learn I is 2 consecutive Tuesday evenings, Project Learn II is 3 consecutive Tuesday evenings and Project Learn III is 4 consecutive Tuesday evenings.

Project Learn I

Project Learn I is educational in concept. Topics covered include: defining chemical dependency, talking about possible effects of chemical abuse/dependence, and developing alternatives to driving under the influence of controlled substances. We show videos about the effects of chemical use on the brain as well as videos dealing with the pharmacology of several controlled substances. Videos are also shown dealing exclusively with DWI and related issues. The principle drugs covered are alcohol and marijuana. Other illicit drug use is also covered, but not at the same depth. Project Learn I is a 6 hour program. The fee for this program is $125.00.

Project Learn II

Project Learn II includes Project Learn I and takes the process one step further by including an in-depth chemical health evaluation. This process produces a narrative summary including diagnostic impression and treatment planning. Project Learn II is a 10-12 hour program. The cost for Project Learn II is $250.00.

Project Learn III

Project Learn III starts with the educational components of Project Learn I. Clients then attend the primary outpatient group for 3 sessions focusing on a first step workbook. Client are expected to abstain from the use of all controlled substances while participating in the program. The last session discusses results and treatment planning options. Project Learn III is an 18 hour program. The cost for Project Learn III is $350.00.