Primary Outpatient Program

AIRR of Minnesota (Addiction Intervention Recovery Resources of Minnesota, formerly Lifestyle Counseling of Mound) offers abstinence based primary outpatient treatment. Evening primary treatment is a 60 hour program that follows a modified Minnesota Model and uses an eclectic approach. The program draws on a 12 step foundation but adds elements of RET, harm reduction, cognitive skills development and Gorski's relapse prevention model. Dealing with anger and resentment, improving communication and developing a sober support system are topics emphasized in the program.

Clients are asked to do several assignments exploring their involvement with mood altering chemicals. The final assignment of the program is presenting a relapse prevention plan.

Family members of those involved in the primary outpatient program will be invited to participate in family counseling.

The group is ongoing, allowing clients to start the program at a time of their choice.

This program meets from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The primary phase of treatment consists of 20 sessions.

Program costs include 12 weeks of aftercare.